Odds With Reality

Can you really capture reality and enslave it depending on the caprices Fight the reflection in the mirror, or, steal its identity for a masquerade Peel off the flaky reality, bundle and crush them into a ball of desperation Give names to already named feelings; as if, to spoil their reputation Push them into an oddly shaped bottle and shake them vigorously A cocktail of … Continue reading Odds With Reality

In Disagreement

How intensely the ripples are played like a discordant instrument Forcibly, the lyrics are sung, which pierces the tranquil realm Seeds are strewn all over the ruffled and trampled ground; hopes quelled Cryptic mists gather over the graceless surfaces that cloak the environs Haughty dance steps gathered all the unsettled seeds into a muddy brawl Ages of turmoil wounded the skies and acres of pristine … Continue reading In Disagreement