10 Blogging Etiquette

1.Please do not delete the ‘About’ page and try not to have these texts in it ‘This is an example of a page…’. If you are inspired to start a blog, writing two lines about the blog won’t take much time (description need not be too personal if you are not comfortable); it will give the readers some idea about your blog’s agenda. 2. When … Continue reading 10 Blogging Etiquette

One Cannot Pause

When there is no luxury to pause, the sky changes its temperament  In fleeting moments, the journey takes keen turns; compulsions of subtle changes Even short steps palpitate the heart- one is unprepared  for the destination There fewer chances of listening earnestly and eyes can marvel at the smudged images Folks speak of their inner turmoil; narrates some of the interesting lines from folklore Before … Continue reading One Cannot Pause