10 Blogging Etiquette

1.Please do not delete the ‘About’ page and try not to have these texts in it ‘This is an example of a page…’. If you are inspired to start a blog, writing two lines about the blog won’t take much time (description need not be too personal if you are not comfortable); it will give the readers some idea about your blog’s agenda.

2. When you are following a blog, at least once, visit the website and navigate to see what the blogger writes about. You will also know about the particular interests and be able to comment logically on the blog. This is important to acquaint yourself with the blogger. Click the various ‘Tabs’ to help you with this.

3. You may want to ‘Reblog’ a blogger’s work, as you feel it should be read by more people because it has a positive and relevant message, through which people can benefit. You are also promoting the blogger (a good gesture); always ask for the blogger’s permission before ‘Reblogging’.

4. You may not agree with everything that a blogger writes or proposes through the blog, it’s absolutely fine. But ensure that you do not hurt the sentiment of a blogger with harsh comments. Agree to disagree with maturity. Everyone has the right to express their views.

5. Some bloggers prefer to remain anonymous, but that does not mean they cannot come up with an incredible body of work. Respect their choice of remaining anonymous, and do not be too inquisitive to know about personal lives.

6. Digital space gives anonymity, and this virtual world is the ‘melting pot’ where people from all walk of life, from various countries and regions, come to present their talent in front of the world. Please do not hide behind anonymity to attack someone personally or their work.

7. Not everyone is fluent in ‘English Language’, so grammatical mistakes will be there. Even the best make them while they get engrossed in narrating their work with words. Don’t be too critical. You can politely point out only if you know the blogger or interact on a regular basis. Be culturally sensitive and steer away from making inflammatory statements.

8. While ‘commenting’ on a blog, remember you are supposed to do so on the bloggers work and not come up with sentences like ‘I have a similar article, please visit my blog to read it’, without making any comment about the blogger’s effort. Self-promotion is fine, but not in this manner. After you have commented properly, you can always request a blogger to visit your website and look around. It should always be an invitation and not abrupt comments. Do not leave unnecessary links in the comment section.

9. Engage with fellow bloggers, do not remain ‘silent followers’. You won’t be noticed as there are numerous blogs out there on the Internet. Visit blogs; if not, comment, at least read and like their work. People will know you have a blog and you will gain readers.

10. Give credit wherever it is due, if you want to cite some bloggers work, take permission and provide a link back to the original. Stay away from plagiarism, there are ways to find that out in an instant, so do not malign your reputation as a blogger.

120 thoughts on “10 Blogging Etiquette

  1. I am relatively new to the blogging world so I’ve been doing some investigating and getting a feel for what it’s all about and I must say it’s such a freeing space to express I love it! But thank you for your piece, taking on what you’ve said!

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    1. I agree, Ellie. Blogging is a great opportunity to get our ideas out there and more importantly, read so many fantastic bloggers from across the world. This platform brings together minds which can help bring positive change.

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      1. Oh absolutely! Creates and promotes important discussions we need to be having. AND opens our minds to things we may have never thought of before.

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  2. May i reblog this on my blog. You have g
    Shared great advice and so well, i would like to share on my blog as i wint be able to write this topic so well. And i really want others to get point 8 as far too many ask /even demand a visit to their blog which i think is a bit …

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  3. I agree with you about WordPress being a friendly and helpful platform to share creative works. Personally, the greatest appeal to start blogging was to create a community and even friendships with other poets and lovers of God. So #2 really eludes me. Why would someone follow a blog and never comment or even like any posts? Do they even read them? As I said, since my primary reason is to create community, if I notice I have a ghost follower, after several months I will just block them from my followers. It is imperative to me that fellow WP readers have the courtesy to let me know they are reading. What about you regarding “ghosts”?

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    1. Thank you for reading my post. You have expressed a genuine concern.

      Well, Social media culture, whether is is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any such platform, there are ghost followers. They wish to have a peek out of curiosity but choose not to either read or engage in any communication. As you have mentioned, it is quite necessary to give them some time before the blogger decides to remove them or block them from the list, or if one wishes to continue if it does not matter to them.

      I have had some individuals, who are not even following my blog or just may have read one or two posts making highbrow comments and leaving insensitive remarks. I choose to ignore such individuals as I wish to concentrate on my writing (not a great idea to get into unnecessary online tussle).

      Overall, blogging has been a wonderful experience and the community is fair, open-minded, and eager to engage meaningfully. But aberrations will be there and deal with it accordingly. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Thank you for sharing your views on this articles and I am glad, you liked the discussed ideas about blogging. As you said, open and fair debate and conscious discussion is the key to meaningful conversation; indeed, we can arrive at more logical solutions.

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  4. More great advice Amitav! I like WordPress and the positive, supportive, environment by fellow bloggers. Although I have seen a few disputes on other blogs, in general it’s rare, but I’m glad you address these issues. May I share your advice on my blog? I think these are import thoughts.

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    1. Thank you so much. Actually, when I started blogging I observed a lot of blogs for the good practices and also objectionable attitude of bloggers and writers. I thought of sharing these points as they were relevant to me and also helped me in the blogging journey. Given this online platform and social Media culture there will be some disputes and anomalies, but overall I found the WordPress world to be friendly, appreciative and open-minded, which is essential in meaningful communication.

      Please, if you want to share this article on your blog I will be grateful.

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      1. I do thank you so much! I’ve had a few stop by my blog and ask for my expertise, but really I’m no expert. But I love the sense of community WordPress allows, if you open up to it. It’s basic communication advice, be ready to listen, you cannot always be the speaker. At least this thought has worked for me. But I like the way you’ve detailed every area, and I would love to spread the advice. Thank you for allowing me. I’ll share shortly. All the best to you Amitav.

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      1. Truly this would be a good post for all new bloggers to read when they first sign up to start a blog! and I can promise you Amitav positive comments are all you will ever get from me! 🙂

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      2. You are sweet and kind! Stay blessed, always.
        In fact, I have seen very casual approach towards blogging, treating it as other Social Media platforms of ‘Likes’ without reading, not being polite to fellow bloggers and the list continues. One has to understand that blogging is a different experience.

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      3. Well that was sweet and kind of you to say! I agree with you whole heartedly this is a different experience. I also like a blog I follow in return for following me have a few lines to the about page. It makes me feel better in a way..why I am not really sure i just like it! haha 🙂

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      4. A little introduction on the About page is like a welcome message to prospective bloggers and followers. Every house/apartment has a name and the owner’s name on the nameplate. I feel the blog is my home and it is only appropriate I welcome bloggers the right way. 🙂

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      5. And there you go again! You put into words so easily what I know I feel but cant seem to express! You are very good at that! I like it!

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  5. I’ve noticed that bloggers have an introduction line at the top of their page. For example yours is : ” Facts of life- Poetry, Words of Motivation…”. I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Mind if you could help me out on that?

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      1. Sometimes, I am amazed to see bloggers and amazing writers come with such talent, really this blogging world teaches you a lot. And yes, interacting opens up a new world of creativity. 🙂

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  6. I belonged to another blog site and it was much more socially interactive than this is. I was genuinely surprised at some behaviors of others. Sometimes it was more thn etiquette thats missing, it was common courtesy.
    Good post

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    1. I can understand what you are talking about. I have faced such issues too. I being more concerned about my writing and thankful to the excellent blogger friends and readers here, I chose to ignore those lapses. I such cases, be polite to reply and if you feel they have crossed the limit, just ignore. Getting into a ugly spat with people who are inconsiderate, is not worth the effort.

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      1. Matches my philosophy too. On the other site I watched many battles rage and could never understand that propensity until someone explained that the people that do engage enjoy it….. To each his own, and shaking me head.

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  7. I completely agree! Whenever I comment on a post, I make sure I’m providing an opinion, alternative view or an anecdote about things they’ve discussed. Normally it opens up great little chats about books, films or characters and interpretations etc. It’s always nice when people check out your blog as well though 🙂 – Judith

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    1. First, thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate, you took time to read this article and share your perspective. Yes, meeting people and having meaningful conversations/debates help communicate and connect with people. 🙂

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  8. Good article, but I would say 9 is subjective. I don’t often give people anything to talk about on my blog. I am fine with that, as I don’t reply to comments often enough. On more talkative blogs, some people just do not know what to say. So I’d say the etiquette there depends entirely on the blog and the reader. 😊

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