Poetic Nature

The philosophy of poetry is much beyond the prosaic words. A poet is also a philosopher who meditates, rather than someone who corroborates the past narratives in a rich poetic manner. Understanding the philosophy of life that evolves every second is tough for consciousness. It is easy to get entangled in the words, but it takes philosophy to make poetry a great storytelling effort that will echo eternally. Without philosophy, poetry becomes a straightforward narrative of the mundane. The finesse of poetic culture is held in the philosophy of poetry and not in the words. Hollow words have a distinct tone of doubt! Be prepared as a poet-philosopher, to understand them and deliberate on the flow of poetry; it should be natural and not contrived. Interpretations of life (from the mysteries of nature to the existential beliefs) are the soul of poetry. Human consciousness is ever evolving and gathers the courage to seek beyond all this reality. A poet is more prolific with all the metaphorical wanderings and surrendering to the philosophy, that life is much more than the worldly realities we can perceive. The purpose of the poet is to pen those experiences and compose poetry as a worthy narrative for all the senses to awaken.


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