Poetic Sense

Poetic sense becomes feeble when there is a contradiction between the desires of the soul to create from the experiences, and strong conscious persuasion from the demands of others. The temptation to create from the conscious and subliminal freedom is suppressed to surrender to the desires of curious eyes.

The purity of poetic composition diminishes, and further dissolves into the ocean of chaotic escape. An unfortunate slip from self-realisation to a conscious desire of an unknown influence is irresistible!

Without poetic sense, poetry is exposed to distorted emotions to become an exercise of wordplay. Detaching the self from poetic expression is a futile attempt to create with certain disinterestedness to appease various curiosities. Missing faithfulness from poetry becomes evident. To simply cram poetry with incoherence is a mockery of creativity.

For a poet to think, wonder, and analyse life from unknown perspectives is common but to overthink and overindulge in some accumulated words defeat the purpose of poetry. The essential disconnect in poetry is evident! The failure to expand the vision and consciousness ends in repetitive expressions. A poet’s eye should be able to imagine without the constraints and demands. If they become the centre of poetry, the poetic sense is that of others; detached from the poet’s.

Poetry inclined to the universe’s wisdom, personal experiences, and pure imagination makes poetic expressions more believable and creatively abundant. The mystical with the worldly, the imaginative with reality, and philosophical with connatural, is the confluence of poetic sense.


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