8 Blog Commenting Mistakes to Avoid

In 2016 I shared Practical Guide to Blog Commenting and the post has generated a lot of responses till now.

While commenting on a blog we have a responsibility as a reader, follower, and blogger. Commenting is like starting a conversation, and it can either be a successful one or a failure.

Here are a few more points to keep in mind while commenting on blogs-

  1. Commenting on a post and not returning to acknowledge the reply by the blogger.
  2. Posting a really lengthy comment which is not related to the post.
  3. Getting personal or irate because one does not agree with the post and leaving a nasty comment.
  4. Masking the IP address/using a fake email address to make a comment. Well, that comment will certainly land in SPAM.
  5. Commenting on a blog without actually reading the post or without introducing yourself if you are a first-time visitor.
  6. Leaving a comment and really not interested in taking the conversation/communication forward. (A blogger spends time to reply to comments and it should be valued)
  7. Remember, in this digital world it is important to create the right impression. A thoughtful comment and reply will help you communicate effectively, and taken seriously as a blogger.
  8. Comment to further the thought that has been discussed by the blogger. Comments are to discuss, ideate, and communicate new thoughts.


28 thoughts on “8 Blog Commenting Mistakes to Avoid

  1. I am a very new blogger and I appreciate learning about blogging and about commenting etiquette. I really liked your words on how the virtual world is a melting pot. I tried to make a comment on the “Etiquette” post and I couldn’t find a comment button? Thank you for your gems.

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    1. Welcome to the blogging world. I wish, you enjoy the blogging experience and share your work.
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the follow. I am happy you found my articles on blogging. Yes, I feel the blogging world can bring creative people together and also share their experiences and knowledge. It is a great learning experience.
      The comment section on the ‘Blogging Etiquette ‘ closed because there is a setting where it will close after 20 days (I need to change that).
      Wishing you all the best and I will visit your blog soon.

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  2. Such great tips, Amitav!! I definitely agree with these, especially after a couple years of blogging it can be irritating when the random “spam” comment ends up in the comments. I will never understand it! Thanks for sharing

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  3. Commenting on a blog without actually reading the post…
    I hate this. I just posted sth and see 4 likes already, and I’m telling you they couldn’t have read it that fast. The post is rather long, not to mention how much it takes me to write such stuff. Now, this is what I call disrespect. Better don’t like it. I’d like you more.

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    1. It is annoying and disrespectful. They do this to be more visible. For them, blogging seems to be another Social Media platform. I have had series of likes, that too on many posts within a matter of minutes. Sincerely, people are not readng these days (it is evident from the type of writing that I come across).
      As you said, it is better not to do a favor by liking a post without reading. It takes lot of energy and research to write one comprehensive write-up.

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      1. Yes, we discussed it before. Quantity, rather than quality. I’ve often mentioned this…A guy commented on the first installment called The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, saying- It’s better to be single than stuck in a loveless marriage. Cross my heart. LOL. When I asked him if he read the post, I never heard back from him.

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    2. People are amazing at reading, aren’t they /s

      I’m always a little saddened by the quick likes. I’m not here for that type of gratification – that’s what other Social Media is for. My blog is tiny, but I’m sure there are at least 4 or 5 people who have genuinely gotten something from a few of the posts. That’s enough for me, that makes me so happy. Imagine actually being able to influence someone’s day with a few hundred words, and connect in that way! What a miracle!

      But too many people seek validation from subscriber numbers, likes, views blah blah blah. I try and cull my numbers – too many people looking to promote some nonsense, or sell me fake page views. Not my goal at all!

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      1. I agree with you. People scan through a 200 or 2000 word post and hit like. If people like social media, there are other platforms for that. Blogging is certainly not for quick likes as it is expected in other social media. People do not read the posts, they do not take time to write either; all too random stuff.

        As you said, if your work is genuinely appreciated, even if it is a handful, it is enough. Yes, people are after likes and algorithms. Registering the blog everywhere to get more followers.

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      2. The worst part from my perspective is that it makes it hard to find the blogs that resonate with me. It’s easy to find a mountain of low effort stuff that has hundreds of views, but the real communities are harder to find, the places where conversations and dialogues happen.

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      3. True. It will happen gradually. You have to visit more blogs and read as much you can. You will definitely find the blogs you resonate with. There are amazing bloggers in the WordPress world, who are genuinely putting in that effort.

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      4. I know what you mean. There’s so much crap on WP. My favorite ones are how to find happiness and stay eternally positive.
        Give me skepticism, pessimism, give me reality, make me question, and you’ll have me hooked. Our kind of blogs will never have many likes, but the satisfaction from writing them and engaging with educated, eloquent, thinking, and witty people is immeasurable, right?

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      5. Exactly. And the number of people that try and sell me secrets on how to grow my blog (for a fee of course) or are transparent ads for products are astounding. But hidden amongst all that are some wonderful and talented people who have many insights to give. 5 likes and the very occasional comment from those people are worth more than the nonsense statistics from the instant like trading brigade

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