Devalued Reason

The implausible ingratitude, virtue in falsehoods, painful puerile behaviour, dogmatic diktats, massacre to save pride, historical blunders, abuse of common sense, pompous morality, sense of privilege to plunder, desecrate value of life, insatiable jealousy, persistent rage, adulterated education, disgraceful beliefs, the sacrifice of love. There is no sensible reason, but only nonsensical reasons (this is plural and in abundance) of choleric and depreciating values. The reason to extort common sense and inherent feelings of humaneness to replace it with rage, hooliganism and uncouth language shocks the core of every reason that inspires such endeavours. The reason to engage every human with derisive culture has been reasoned with histrionics, rhetoric, and hyperbole of idiocracy. Without any scientific reason, there cannot be the ultimate purpose to find the reason to save the existential harakiri from rabid reasons.


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