Survival of Writing

Writing is about immediate survival from the strong emotions which threaten to create turmoil, but the writings that emerge from that struggle survive the turbulent times. Writing is about the courage to persistently present the principles of survival, hope, and dignity in a creative way. It is your immediate ingenuity that can either sink a narrative or give them strength to sail through turbulent times. Does it have the free-will to evolve after being written? It depends on the integrity of words, and how readily they help each other to create a strong bond. It’s all about the journey that the writing is prepared for.


6 thoughts on “Survival of Writing

    1. Composed these few lines after i read your wonderful comment-
      We’ve set sail
      The wind’s unpredictable
      A soul euphoric- wandering and meandering
      It’s an obsession, but not obstinacy
      A drug that remedies the seeker’s soul
      Shores may be afar, waters turbulent, unsure
      Adventure that’s asunder, but the resolve unites
      That we’ve yet to reach the shores

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      1. Lovely. What an adventure.

        I wrote a lot in high school, then I stopped. First it was university, then job, then moving, family. But once I started again, I realized how much I missed it. I don’t want to miss it ever again. Though it’s time-consuming, it’s so rewarding. Shores may be afar but are attainable.

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      2. I feel it is a calling. Emotions closer to the heart and soul comes alive and also helps realise the differences, the critics within us, and reconcile with certain feelings. Time is blurred while writing.

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