Testing Time

It was the test of times and the restive moments were conspiring against the docile feelings that were just trying to survive. As if time were plaited uncomfortably with two distinctly opposite sentiments. There isn’t any reason for life to become restless when there are silence and harmony.

Still moments always seem to stir the worst possible emotions; as if the mind is caught between the ripples. There is no plausible explanation for the uprising from the silence in a consciousness. Is it the environment of mistrust that pushes the conscious mind to a corner? It tries to liberate itself from the oppressed moments.

It is well to ponder over the life that is misshapen without any of its faults, but the surrounding time is influenced by the incendiary thoughts. Bullying the feelings is the beginning of a life-long struggle! There is a desire to see a clear reflection in a murky pond. All the negativity has clotted the water and made it sluggish. The feeble reflection is a horrifying one! This is the time of realization- the dreadful truth hides behind a feeble demeanour.

Incredulous words drip from the mouth so effortlessly! Is it not audacious to test time oppressively? How silence and politeness are perceived to be the fragile door that can be demolished can alter the reaction from a welcome to disgust.

Life isn’t attractive to stare at with gruesome perceptions! It will never be fair and will extort the maximum possible good emotions as steep charges. The foul thoughts, atrocious actions, and unheeded indiscriminate abuse of life make the tenants feel life opportunist occupants. Trouble is slowly brewed, for too long; it becomes too foul to drink. As if, a huge thumb is used to crush the docile feelings over a corrugated board. What else? Life pestered too much cannot yield much!


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