We Shape our Future

We aren’t safe behind walls, but we are safer if we trust each other and accept the differences. Storytelling can help all the voices to contribute to humanity’s story. We can all listen and understand our purpose to become aware. The fact that we emphasize the differences and colour them with our illogical perceptions is an impediment to building a bridge to connect different thoughts. It is a fallacy to think that nature’s gift is for you to desecrate. Propaganda and prejudices have disabled the consciousness to think beyond the standard hate. When education does not enlighten but shapes minds to discriminate and act in a foolishly superior way, the offensive nature becomes evident. Let stories be heard, chasms erased, and trust restored! Stupidity and arrogance will undermine the beautiful relationship of humanity, with each other, and with the idea of existence. We are responsible for our future, and what we hand over to our posterity for them to believe in life and realise all the colours of nature are radiant. 


8 thoughts on “We Shape our Future

    1. Thank you so much. It the collective responsibility to make society tolerant. We all have a responsibility towards humanity. As as writer we can contribute by highlighting on them and urge people to think. Literature and Arts, creativity plays an important role in shaping minds.

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      I feel, our consciousness is muddled by so many distractions. Misleading thoughts and digressions have transformed our thought process. I understand truth is not so convenient, but whether we like it or not, there is one moment in life when it becomes so persistent that we cannot deny its presence any more.

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      1. My comment have been landing in bloggers spam folders…lol what the heck so many of them told me. May be I comment all the time, I think the writer deserve the comments and praise. Thanks for checking the spam folder out. Indeed, I agree with all you said. It’s is with busy life doen’t even leave our conciousness empty…

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      2. You can contact Akismet. They usually moderate the comments. I know, you take time to comment and it lands in the spam folder. Luckily I checked my spam folder today. I hope the problem will be sorted out. Now that you have commented on my blog, I hope your comments do not land there, but I will check the other folder too. ☺

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