Uneasy Confluence

The evenings aren’t content, yesterday, and today too

In between, the day plunged due to the diurnal routine

Darkness grumbles about the spaces being ceded casually

There is no one to allay the fears that gather courage

Turbulent shadows hum the sinister subliminal tune

Fumes the nature of change- horizon blazes ominously

The paths are unsure and life chases across dim alleys

Built on so many unsure ideas, the compositions crumble

Distant rumble heard by the humble soul; it’s a sign

Curiously, the feelings flock towards anomalous journeys

Eternal ideas cannot be structured in superficial thinking


10 thoughts on “Uneasy Confluence

      1. Prioritise! If one has real passion, the it requires undivided attention and learning. Distractions will be there, but one has to focus. Easier said than done, but achievable.


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