Compulsions of Creativity- A Perspective

A creative person will write according to the will of creativity. That fact, that creative people share their work on a blogging platform does not mean that the works will adhere to simple blogging techniques. Creativity is born of imagination, and it is boundless! No one can curb creativity, until and unless the creative thinker wishes to do so willingly or unwillingly. Those who see creative writing as merely content does not seem to be content with the complex process of creativity. It is essential to understand that creativity cannot be served on a platter as easily chewable morsels.

All creative people spend a tremendous amount of energy and time on the creative process; it all starts with the innate understanding, as well as, the ability to imagine life in completely new perspectives.

Let’s be clear about one thing here- A creative post is different from a blog post that speaks of facts and figures. Creativity has the truth of life, both metaphysical and material. Perceptions differ, so does the interpretations of creativity! If you are to debate on creativity, you have to understand the genesis of Art and creative ideas. It is different for various artists!

A reader has to be open-minded to understand the myriad expressions of creativity and the complex ideas they offer. It is interesting to note that creative perspectives are sometimes above normal reality- a reality does not comprise of ocular beliefs.

Comments on creative pieces cannot be a generic commentary and must be offered after careful consideration. It is wise to understand the creative philosophies or ask genuine questions on the topic. There will be some insensitive comments or remarks when a creative work does not read according to the commonly held beliefs. Trolling a creative person and asking them to tone down their nature work to become more acceptable is an unacceptable conduct.

There are instances when individuals are coerced to adhere to the norms of accepted/acceptable reality. They are forced to change the narrative and restrain the genuine passion to delve into the metaphysical reality of creation. It so happens, people completely ignore such genuine works of creativity and congregate to demean such efforts. It has always happened in the creative world and will continue! It is only brave for a creative individual to accept such a reality and be true to the work.

There is no space for frigid mentality to denounce a work of Art and creativity! Creativity will be beyond the boundaries of mundane reality, and also much more than a personal narrative. It is a storytelling for the willing listeners who are interested in the meaningful truth that evolves with the changes of this universe.

If anyone wishes to celebrate clichés, so be it. Creativity will continue to evolve and will delve deeper and scratch the superficial layers of reality to expose the truth. After all, creativity is in sync with the idea of the universe’s changes. One cannot deny the profound changes and transformations of existence. It is only the ideas that restrain minds to think otherwise will be sceptical of creativity and creative work.


11 thoughts on “Compulsions of Creativity- A Perspective

  1. How true is that. Indeed there is so much behind the seen which creative people can’t even share or put on the their blogs due to the shortage of time. You said it right that creativity takes so much time. I love your philosophical thinking when you write it. So mature writing skills you have. You totally nailed it in your last paragraph. Keep up the good work Amitav. Please stay blessed and stay connected.

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    1. It is difficult speaking of creativity. There’s so much of it through varous mediiums and languages. The principles of creativity is always being true and philosophical representation which makes the reader think. Shaping perspectives in a profound way! I feel one does not arrive at a destination in creativity, never sure, bacause change is inevitable. We are just narrators for what happens in this universe. Let’s not restrict it and allo encourage more creative minds join the beautiful journey.
      Thank you so much for the wishes and blessings, really, it is encouraging, and makes the journey more rewarding.

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