Cessation of Dreams

The day sags during its peak, disappointing for the enthusiastic hearts

Wilting dreams appear pale; they eyes droop due to the unresponsive images

Standstill! Tedious as it may feel, one has to endure the unwelcome silence

Language lacks the emotions and unsure feelings search for a safer place to hide

There are no legitimate questions that can really awaken the true principles

Dare not visit the unsettled places, when life has renounced its soul for now

The colour blends into the eventide- it feels as if everything has slowed down

When nothing moves ahead, but the slackened thoughts are prompted to yield


2 thoughts on “Cessation of Dreams

  1. “Language lacks the emotions and unsure feelings search for a safer place to hide”

    I like how you articulated this. Most of the time people conversate and aren’t on the same page, we could say they not speaking the same language. Because some speak from the heart and others using logic, I assume that’s the confusion that causes our feelings to hide instead of fighting to be heard

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    1. Thank you so much, Keith. Glad, you like this piece.

      Well said, Keith! The mis(communication) depends on so many factors- consciousness, state of being, language (how it is articulated), culture, whom we communicate with, the topics (so many of which we may not be aware of), seen/unseen (as we rely too much on what we see), state of mind, feelings, and how convincing/misleading certain communications can be (deliberate or subliminally.

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