Narrow Passage

That was very narrow, yet, the feelings were squeezed inconveniently

To gain passage, to the meadows of some inconspicuous imaginations 

Looking for freshness, brilliance, and cheerfulness- but overturned dreams

Capsized feelings gasp for air; though, the vitiated air occupies the space

Whatsoever was the dream, these are being excruciatingly passed through

 They are apparelled in oddly for the occasion- the journey wasn’t thought of

Things that can be seen are not always what it seems, the unseen is mysterious

It matters how light is being reflected- through, or off the surfaces of artificiality

When they weather the troubles for too long, they comprehend the seasons wrong

This hastily constructed reality, its labyrinth become the trusted bridge

The inconvenience is misshapen, life leaden with worries and cumulative woes


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