Where it Leads

The straggling words pull the mind through a maze

Unsuspecting mind wandering there was among the crowd

Pulled along the damp ground for the desires to be scattered 

No, there are no eager hands to nurture them

For convenience, the comparisons are laid to rest

A world that is embraced by the darkness feels pleasing

Sometimes, sprinkled with stars, the only reason to hope

Perspectives acquire an otherworldly avatar 

The oeuvre interspersed with passive-aggressive pride 

Feels aggrandized in the darkest moments of the journey

Downcast eyes, extremely bitter, is aware of the world out there

The emblem of simple nature still gleams; will, through eternity

Those aimless words paint a grim world- only to be juxtaposed

Like a charming piper who leads the crowd through this

Aberrations of doubtful thinkers become mainstream

Carefully, one novice night was waylaid by the manipulations

Nothing can be unlawful in the world of imaginations

Nature works to transform the inverted situations

Till then, the lonely hearts crowd through the wily contours


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