Merits, Demerits, and Excellence

The things that we like, choose and acquire maybe because we are not given any other choice. Do we choose? Or, compelled to choose- the direction of our choices is carefully crafted by the available resources at that moment.

Every little moment bond to stretch the pathways of our choices. Most of the times, we adopt and adapt to technologies which we may not really endorse. The gradual shift to those platforms and the idea of connecting with other thoughts present there, either give your work some recognition or dilutes itself due to the plethora of alternative ideas widely accepted.

The common narratives may create their own course and tributaries; they may even flow/overflow with those ideologies, but the silent streams which carry the confidence to breach the boundaries flow further, to explore and revive dormant ideologies. The dormant ideologies when awakened can narrate profound thoughts to inspire transformative and progressive narratives.

It is not what you gather while wandering! The idea behind the wanderings and introspections are to gather those ideas which will lead to a continuous flow of imaginations. Sometimes, the mind is saturated with philosophies and perspectives, while one surrenders the mind to those fragile pages. The perspectives chronicled there are from deep and personal experiences of those legendary thinkers; the onus is to interpret them and further the profound thoughts to newer directions, considering the life’s course and age.

Lamentations from a writer aren’t uncommon! Self-doubt and outright rejection of one’s own work are quite common. To aggrandize those phases with fanciful vocabulary won’t transform them into literature. It is from this lowest point, where the world becomes claustrophobic and inconsiderate, that the mind which is well-versed in those dormant ideologies can free itself from such predicaments. Consciousness and spiritual intent are reflected in every thinkers’ work.

It is our inability to unlock the underlying meaning that creates a fallacious perception about the nature of literary narratives. The words are trusted messengers, chosen with faith, to deliver the sentiments of subliminal chaos and the true meaning of a literary work. They faced criticism and even ostracization from the group of society that believed in popular narratives.

Insecurity crept in there and made their bonding even stronger! The insecure bond held them together and was trusted with jeopardising any new effort to revive those dormant ideologies that can challenge their narrative. Well-versed in grand languages and incisive words, they became crusaders! The misdirected crusaders to plunder literary pursuits and herald the idea of scattered thoughts which are too weak to speak the truth.


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