From Evening to Dawn

Crimson worries, rhythmical silence notes down secretly

The calligraphic notes brushed finely by the excellent winds

Language divine, pacify them- the heart feels assured for now

Dusk covers everything like the loving concern of a mother

Says, “sit here as long as you wish, but settle the worries”

Tonight, before the long walk back home, feel confident

Tired legs must walk towards the bed with a hopeful heart

Dream of a dawn with jubilant shades of crimson 


3 thoughts on “From Evening to Dawn

  1. Amitav, thanks for writing this beautiful poem. I am going through a hard time now and this poem reminds me not to sink deep to the worries and carry on with a hopeful heart. My heartfelt gratitude to you!


    1. Bauhinia, I am so happy to hear from you after a long time. I am sorry to hear about the testing times you are facing; I pray, that everything becomes alright. My blessings and best wishes for you, always. Yes, you have to have hope and carry on. Be well and take care!

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