The Onlookers

Do you buy the ticket to become an onlooker or evade the crowd to create an opening through the throng of chants and jeers? Even the tightly held crowd has little space for air and light to pass through. Now, why cannot ideas bypass them to delve right into the arena and sing the freedom song? Without nodding in a synchronous manner and following the diktats, there can be a passage for wide-eyed, eager, and tolerant ideas.

While the world idles away, the crowd too busy to notice the uprisings of mediocrity become a monstrous movement. The steely hands embrace them tightly! Looking at the world with half-shut eyes diminishes the measure of those images that struggle. It seems to be a form of entertainment in an arena writ with constraints. Enthusiasm shrinks to become a coward! The curiosity of casual onlookers, who spent a small fortune to buy this opportunity to witness oppression is indirectly led to the confines. The cage of accumulations and distractions! How justly, with passion, the crowd is programmed to become the wave of destruction; to erode the tranquil habitats of great ideas.


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