It is Essential and Important

Creativity is birthed anywhere, within the four walls, in the wilderness, in solitude, in the midst of a crowd, and even in semi-conscious sleep. Now, there are so many destinations and myriad avenues for creativity and all we can come up with few words of lament and tired feelings, that too by isolating the heart and mind from all the wonderful places.

The missing dimensions of creativity make them look uninspiring and incomplete. Many such creative pieces feel incomplete! Words suspended rather haphazardly along the sinewy looking branches. Does that even come close to literature? Readers escape from the dull places that have been left wide open for them.

Literature encompasses everything that is imaginable, and the unimaginable too (only clarity and precise perceptions can capture them) and here creativity grieves the lack of emotions and rich imaginations. Such apathy! The congregation eulogizing them turn their back to rich creativity and literary narratives.

The garrulous decorations, the laboured melancholy, and pithy feelings make brittle creativity! Maybe, there’s a lack of time, genuine indifference, and a lot of self-confidence to be attracted to such fragile narratives. People looking for new adventures or extremely impatient to interpret the depth of creativity is ushering a philosophical decrepitude.

Seeking a solution to transform the creative disillusion and abrupt reactions is a necessity, both, for those who write and read, and sincerely wishes to witness another transformation of literature and creativity.


5 thoughts on “It is Essential and Important

      1. Thank you so much, Sir! I can understand. Sometimes literature is surreal, abstract, and inconclusive; even I feel that the beauty of poetry and literature is the variety of emotions- explainable and unexplainable, both. It may mean nothing as well as everything as contradictory reflections.
        I always appreciate that you take time to read my work and comment; it means a lot to me.


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