The Hostile Climate

Even the most prolific ones feel they should have said more! The silent repentance, the fumbling for words affects them too. What an affliction! There are times that coil up uncomfortably around the emotions and rarely allows them to articulate freely. It feels like desertification!

Suddenly, the barren and harsh moments wither the emotions prematurely. The aperture of the eyes gives a silent treatment to the inquisitive ones. The sloped feelings are oddly shaped to fend off the extreme weather! Branched laden with thorns inflict pain from quite a distance; wonder if the parched skin would still bleed if wounded.

So many antiquities were not chronicled sincerely and the missing pages do communicate from a strange space full of malevolence. There are times when the background takes precedence. The incoherent eyes feel a strong disassociation ripping apart the images. Narrowing the apertures do not help! One cannot filter the harshness to bloom the most colourful feelings. Martian weather indicates the imminent danger to the future!

Daybreaks are rattled by the negative catharsis and unable to hold its own temper during that time of tranquility. Laboured breaths and partisan feelings shatter the event that was supposed to sober the dark feelings of a frantic night. There are no peaceful postures anymore, but an urgent sense of a menacingly approaching wave of ignorance.

Among all this turmoil, the invasion of lands by the desert waves wither the roots! Where does this insufficiency arise from? The pyramidical silence can mean so much, but there aren’t any who can understand their rebuke and future impact. Only the silent ones feel the tremble of accumulated apathy!

The proliferation of prolific oddities and megalomaniac ideas does not spell a bright future for the patches of verdant lands. Ineffectiveness of an argument is gauged by the excruciating decibel level! All the noise will be drowned in obsolescence. More will follow the path of callous self-destruction, even though they will be reminded of the consequences from time to time.


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