When Abandoned

Beautiful places have always been deserted after being debauched

Ideas throng to them like a swarm of locusts dreaming of ravaging the beauty

When ideas get a name, they wish for fame and the cult of eulogising them begin

Once pristine visage will be tattered by insatiable bites of greediness

It is difficult for the eyes to gaze at the grazed scenery; it’s painful memories

Serious trappings and avaricious wrappings stifle the healthy breathing


2 thoughts on “When Abandoned

  1. Beautiful poem. This true, I can relate this to our tourist spots temporarily closed by the governement because of the abuse made by the business and the people. Most issues are ecological effects of tourism.

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    1. Thank you. Indeed, there are some damning evidence of climate change, yet, we are not doing enough. Entire humanity needs to alter the production and consumption off this planet. We are trying to make it a Martian land. In the Red!


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