The City Holds its Breath

The strenuous relationship between the archaic and contemporary

When the city was created and everything was fresh and jovial

Entire populace immersed themselves in the revelry of witnessing a change

Dwellings of dreams, marketplaces, brimming with gossips and local fare

There’s a smell of freshness in the undulating air- enthusiasm everywhere

Crowds from far look like bright embroidery that embraces the city

New avenues, and guests unhesitantly knock on the new doors

Until time sets its eyes on the newness and begins to wear off the celebrations

Mornings feel like a chore, while, familiarity with all the facades become flaky

Once fresh aroma now unnoticed due to the influence of rush of time

Now brews the turmoil for existence between the old-fashioned and modern

Every day, the city anticipates a compromise and cedes space to the shift

Old ideas now seem to appear like haphazard specks among the fanciful

Only to survive in anecdotes of antiquity and chronicles of memories

The future will decide the fate of this sprawling newness; perhaps, that’s life


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