Way to See

How much do you feel when you see the world around?

Like a child? 


Like someone who has abruptly chosen to surpass the consciousness

Where is the foundation to lay the words for them to grow with each reading



Ultimate greediness to mimic the sensibilities of the words of the world

Is it really change in perspective?


Change in the prejudiced views from a different angle; away from public view

With stealth willing to be a part of that wealth

Sorry, the world that feels so luxuriate, benevolent, and united

The hallowed chambers cannot be entered at will or by chance

What is that sense that shields the words?

Fractious feelings emanating from the discriminate heart

Do the eyes have a combined vision?

Not necessarily, with all the distractions that entertain and titillate

Frail reciprocation, veiled sarcasm, representation of witlessness

Verbalising the cliches with elan; sigh! the words feel misplaced


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