Towards Unsure Future

All the moderations could not balance nature well Lengthy discussions, abrupt decisions, pushed it towards a bias Inclination towards the other side of a mindless pursuit Thought to be careful leanings or unseen coercion  Perceived to be a rebellion, but it is a subliminal decision of panic Inhabitants tear away the dwellings who seek freedom There is no chance to return to that place to … Continue reading Towards Unsure Future

Valiant Denial

With unholy eagerness, the words were gathered Their origin and values misconstrued due to a dearth of time Harrowingly pulled to be presented under the limelight  When it becomes natural to please the rapacious demands Indulgence in the superficial composition is a secret joy Charming they may read due to the heavy adornments Those you cannot love dearly but eager to release them soon Youthful … Continue reading Valiant Denial