Of Freedom

Freedom of not being wrapped in time

A wish to wake up to a beautiful clime

Caresses of lovely winds soften dream

Diaphanous patterns are art supreme

Ne’er the hopes meet with darkness

The mind races through a wilderness

When the heart does not procrastinate

Find a beautiful language to articulate

Ignorance of such a reality held back

The images were blurred in flashback


11 thoughts on “Of Freedom

      1. You are welcome ! My mother was very ill and I was running around to figured that out. Guess what? finally we found out that my poor mom is diagnosed with COPD. I feel for her. I work full time and after that was going to docs, labs, ER…all those things made me breathless. Finally life is coming back to a bit normal. I also hired someone to redo my site and here is the new URL…. Whenever you get a chance take a look at it and let me know how do you like it… I still have to fix and repalce a few things. I missed all my frineds as well and espeically your poetry…. here you go… https://bushraslifestyle.com/


      2. How is your mom’s health now? Wishing her a speedy recovery. I can understand how it is to work full-time and attend to such emergencies. Hope you are doing well.

        I will visit your website. Good to hear that you have decided to make the changes you wanted to. Will look forward to reading your blogs.


    1. Unfortunately, we rarely understand the being of freedom. maybe it is difficult to understand because it is perceived in context of our limitations, set in few rules of existence. We have diminished the scope of freedom and often have to fight in a claustrophobic bubble of thoughts. We cannot grant freedom or deny freedom to anyone, freedom is just in the being.

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      1. Speaking of which, look what I just read.

        when they steal our dreams ~ don’t let them chop down our tree ~ where the birds sing true — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa

        Btw, I don’t know if you read her. She’s pretty amazing. Best haiku on WP.

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      2. We’ve politicised nature and the philosophy of politics rarely adhere to the principles of freedom of existence. The tenets of politics are not drawn from scientific expression of freedom to create, express, and facilitate the flow of constructive ideas.

        I have read her sometimes. These are profound words.

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