Facing Fear

The distant fire seems to be more lethal 

Flames within have fallen silent in a bizarre twist

Of fate that was overturned by the faulty mirror

Up in smokes, the ideologies that were opposed

Illustrious absurdities and incendiary dialogues

Common apathies while trying to suppress

The rage that spreads through nonsensically

All the words act as catalysts, there’s no doubt

From the nameless one with fierce faces

Stolen common sense have been pushed further

To face the ignominy of flaring foolishness


10 thoughts on “Facing Fear

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea. It’s so important to understand the environment of fear and, how subconsciously we either find ways to overcome them or be subdued by them. There are so many facets of fear and catalysts.
      I am glad, you liked this poem. Always a pleasure to read your comment. 🙂

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    1. We have to understand what fear is. Some of it is established and others could be emanating from natural course of life, while some are deep in our subconscious due to certain experiences in life. Yes, it becomes easy facing fear when we know the source and our behavioural instincts to deal with them.

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