Sympathies pour in the form of frantic dancing for those ideas considered undead. Life gathers around to comprehend the lifeless and soulless existence, and yet, their liveliness that tantalizingly shakes up the world. While there is a phrase, ‘contrary to popular belief’, the contrary soul can surprise the soul of this reality. While being in the ordinary state of mind can bring a sense of relief to those people who worry about their position being threatened.

Everyone likes the truth of animations, their antics, how violent and antithetical they may be, the animated state is like a feeling of suspended animation; whoever wondered what happens to the mind while applauding them and how to deal with life is animated for no reason at all.

While comics can be non-comical and non-committal too, there are chances the comic side of the power tussles are aptly represented through the caricatures. What the features speak, the facial expressions say, all of them are considered to be highly-imaginative expressions, but can deeply wake up another type of uncomfortable reality.

The most violent ideas are being presented, accentuated, and appropriated, rather in a misappropriated manner; there isn’t any debate on the puerile acceptance of the representations. They do, over a period of time etch those violent ideas on the mind. They become common a narrative and accepted by the branches of modern culture.

Some of the softest stories can be utterly violent as they have the ability to slow down the ability to contradict the luxurious presentation. Such storytelling is a devious way to inch closer to that part of the mind with the ulterior motive to seed the subconscious ideology, only to alter it and prepare for an existence in a make-believe world.

While having to violently fight over the idea of love and truth, the entire scene throughout the ages has yielded nothing but some distorted images of human stupidity. There is no doubt about human resilience and the ability to adapt, but there is always a doubt about the idea of meekly accepting the definition and parameter set by virulent ideas.

As an individual one would like to believe in the idea of individuality and the freedom of choice, but that could be the biggest fallacy to submit the original ideas and surrender them to inimical forces. We can become our fiercest foes, mirror our biggest fears, and self-destruct the idea of individuality by vehemently adopting the foreign definitions. Being obedient and obdurate is self-defeating!

For those soulless ideas which are being revived by your precious breath can be the nemesis of the principled ideas. They are within you and waiting to express their views. While writing can take a different course, flowing with uncommon ideas, the entire process of such storytelling cannot be in vain. Hopefully, they will be read, understood, and discussed. They are not best-sellers but carry the best intentions and ideologies to change the entire distorted narrative.


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