How Close?

How close do you get to your writing? Are you afraid of being intimately involved with the passion that flows like an eager stream which has found a worthy course? While writing can be a lonely affair, but the emotions, thoughts, and new enthusiasm do seem comforting.

The best part of this relationship is, it starts with a flicker and if favourable, transforms into a fire that lights up the dark worlds with hidden metaphors to be explored. There are no preconceived directions, no sentinels to curb the entry, and destinations to be kissed. It is like a wild embrace that brings together a world of anonymity to your bosom.

You start by scanning with timid eyes and then become daringly optimistic about the possibilities of the journey and revelations. Yes, it does reveal, albeit patiently, to the relentless wordsmith. It is worth essaying the wonderful saga(s) that unfolds! One cannot be reticent and a conformist while daring to be intimate with the words narrating the endangered ideas. Darkness can be the world full of light, as enlightening like becoming aware of your soul. One cannot be pusillanimous in this love affair!

On who is afraid of the challenges of unanticipated outcomes from the various twists in this journey cannot justify the exploration of this relationship. Remember, the course of truth never flowed an easy course- the rough terrains, hostile climate, and all the humanly possible theatrics to obfuscate the relevance of the refreshing storytelling. A telling tale of such intimacy from a writer may stir up those critics who have been scratching their pen rather peevishly due to lack of counter-narratives.

The messiness of the narratives can be adorned caringly with the intricately crafted metaphors; it is essential to love the natural instincts and present them to the world that may or may not preferentially glance at them. Creativity as love has to stand amidst such insufficient and uncaring environment to be ultimately accepted. So, it becomes even more important to be closer to the soul of your writing to support them through convulsing moments of a world woken up at the wrong time.

The truth is every writer starts from a place of not-knowing to learning more to accept the fact that they have been chosen for this journey. Constructing the narratives serves as a bridge to join the distant feelings. It is a bridge from your soul to enable you to walk convincingly; so, the durability of the resilience of the structure matters a lot.

Exotic nature of realism will always meet the sceptical eyes; the intense glaring can soften a bit after convincing of the contemporary nature crafted with a dash of emotionalism. Largely abstract concepts are rarely accepted and are corrupted by egregious definitions. It’s bound to occur, but one cannot give up on the reality of beauty.

So many ideas are reborn through the different types of creative narratives. Their storytelling will be unsettling at times because they will be reflecting on the bygone eras of human fallibility and insecurities. Such truths are considered foul by the present times because they repeat the same frailties in a different manner.

Surprise yourself as a writer with criticisms, relish them, counter them, and eventually convince them. All the melodrama of unacceptability and disparage will make the pen flounder a bit, but be true to yourself and get even closer to your writing. Criticisms are like accolades! They sound jarring to the untrained ears, but the writer will find the strength to write even more convincingly and daringly.


11 thoughts on “How Close?

  1. You have beautifully described the journey of writing from the lonely mind of a writer to a journey spanning the souls of many. It is a very consuming process, creative and cathartic too. Your essay has touched on a lot of topics of writing.

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    1. I write such essays a lot, from time to time. It’s all about introspecting, exploring, and inspiring each other. As I was speaking to Bojana ( she writes really well, and now she has started a series as well… do visit her blog when you have time) how we can ignite ideas and transform creativity and writing to make the narrative more meaningful and interesting. I hope readers will join in.

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  2. Abstract ideas will not be always accepted because not everbody can grasp them. That’s the privilage of the conscious few, daring and uncompromising nonconformists.
    Writing is indeed a lonely journey but the destination is uncomparable to anything, rewarding to the eye, mind and soul.

    Kudos for the essay, your quick mind and sharp intellect.

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    1. The idea came while I was talking to you over the comments section. I thought I must write it down before it all leaves my head. This is how exchanging ideas can inspire each other. Thank you for reading this, and glad, you liked it.

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      1. I really did.
        Interestingly, B.told me she lost a follower because she found our previous post offensive. Speaking about abstract concepts…Of course it’s offensive. Satires often are but are meant to emphasize our flaws, which is everything but offensive.

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      2. Similar incidents happened with me too. Not once, but its alright. As a writer I can only be narrating with the ideas and the vocabularies I have (which sometimes may not be to a reader’s liking). Satires are not new; and interestingly legendary writers have written some popular works. I guess, it’s due to lack of reading and comprehending literature that satire feels outrageous. Not being able to express the feelings within is offensive, creativity being curbed is offensive… well, that would be a lengthy debate.

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