The feeling when you are not surprised anymore by the surprises is quite perplexing; annoying too. Their over-dramatisation and articulation lack the spark to enlighten the sophisticated senses. This is not about a feeling of superiority or any delusional reflection about one’s character, but there occurs a time when the mundane surprises are not enough.

It’s a rather delicate subject to suggest to a progressive world. You know, when it is trying to be as inclusive as possible with the jaded ideas being packaged in new colours. Don’t blame their effort, but it is not easy to read the pulse of a society that diverse and each one has a unique way of interpreting one particular ideology. So many analogies and inferences already burden the self-proclaimed thinkers/custodians with more to ponder on.

Sometimes, the mind chooses not to be surprised by the usual elements and the neutral nature of their expressions. The surprises stare at you rather peevishly in anticipation of the fact that it will convince you to be surprised, now or later. The over-confidence nature of surprises denudes them. You stare at their stark expressions and start an amusing mind-game of who will blink first.

Maybe the world is creating predictable surprises due to the lack of spontaneity, creativity, and over-regimented requirement of mechanized society. A clinical surprise is rarely so innovative to tickle the cerebrum. Most of the times, the narratives fail to address the psychological and philosophical needs of a surprise element; they appear to be incoherent buffoons.

Cognitive conceptualisations wear off due to the induced images beamed through the eyes in a conformist world. As if, everyone is supposed to be surprised to the same degree as the dimwit who invented it. The surprises flounder and blaze the remaining grey matter of the overconfident beings.

Although the digital world is trying relentlessly to connect all the nodes of consciousness of all the human beings, the patterns of chains it has managed to create till now is entangling the philosophy of a connected world. There is a disparity in the digital world that is creating a digital divide. Happy to be plugged in nevertheless!

A lot of readers will be surprised at the words I have spent on the philosophy of a surprise, or its inability to surprise anymore. The basic principle of creativity is a surprise- the ability to weave a narrative to surprise the readers’and art enthusiasts with a subliminal spark that unsettles their world for a moment with considerable surprise. But the world has chosen to be stoic and rather not be surprised, but still try to adjust the facial expressions to feign a surprise. It’s like posing for the cameras!

The past is not forgotten and the present isn’t perfect, but surprisingly, the onerous task to paste them together is quite surprising. The reality, surprisingly, springs up natural surprises every day, the fact that how puzzling reality is, tests human cognitive and psychoanalytical ability to decipher and link them. No surprises there; the dynamism and interesting changes, in reality, has the ability to really challenge the capabilities of humans to be surprised, naturally.

Let’s wake up to such really surprising moments and let humanity be regaled by the surprises that aren’t malefic, but presented to them for enjoying the surprises without being annoyed or defrauded by the insincere nature of spurious surprises.


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