Doubt That

Doubt does not fade but consumes the colours desirously Comes unassumingly like an innocent feeling at the door Looks around curiously, but none can read those eyes It starts with one simple question that feels authentic Soon they transform into the executioner’s noose Who is so daring enough to levitate above all this? Ready for a panoramic view of the eroding life It becomes a … Continue reading Doubt That

The Persistent Struggle

There are plenty of odd spaces filled with absurdities All that have assembled here reflected the discrepancies Modern times confined to the labels with outrageous price tags The tumultuous times brush against them to change them into rags Difficult, persistently concentrating on the battered narratives Lamenting at the difficulties of arriving at places with alternatives Ignorance wields immense power to diminish the commonsense Effortless adoption … Continue reading The Persistent Struggle