The Curiosity of Ambivalence

The spontaneity of the mind can not only be surprisingly awkward but also a reminder to the fact that it may play with an ambivalent nature. Is it a phenomenon? Well, the mind is kind of elusive to the conclusive deconstruction. It is interesting to note that human consciousness can only comprehend the mind to a certain degree but remains elusive for the greater part.

How frustrating it must be for the consciousness to remain oblivious to the entire world? It depends! Some of us may think it is not important as the common consciousness is quite overbearing and keeps us busy for the most part. This is where ambivalence stimulates the inner conflict! Between knowing and unknowing, there is a space where an individual senses a pull from either side.

What if the mirror of clarity reflects the conflict in an uncomfortable pattern? Mostly, it is soul-stirring to stare at an image that intrinsically exists within, but in an unknown concept and logic beyond comprehension. The ambivalence between temporal and spiritual is a giant leap of faith; there’s nothing but the philosophical interpretations to assuage the fear, frustration, and fickleness of an ambivalent mind.

It may seem inattentive to the world when an individual spends too much time deciphering the other (unexplored consciousness) dimension of the mind as compared to the social obligations of absorbing the prevalent culture of society. We use the word ‘curiosity’ in a slackened perspective. There is more to curiosity than overloading the mind with every possible (mis) information, principles, theories, and hypotheses. Being curious about the subtle changes eludes the consciousness while getting busy with the struggles of a competitive world.

The birth of indecisiveness from an ambivalent mind and the obligation to listen to the collective consciousness can trigger mental lethargy. If hypnosis could extract the entire narrative, it would have been a potential treasure to read the mind thoroughly. I feel there is some sort of incoherence in a hypnotic state too; the sudden blankness and being held in a remote world can force the mind to traverse many unsettling territories.

Ambivalence is not a simple case of dilemma but a deeper psychological journey where one cannot decide conclusively. The demands of a metaphysical world are largely inconspicuous to the hastened worldly mind. We are being pulled in to the societal structures and confined to the tenets devised for the common consciousness. The fallacy of thinking all that we can see is rational and everything else exists within a false premise cannot be rectified with mere reasoning.

If an agile mind is ambivalent, it could be a possible journey to rationalise the worldly and the other possibilities of a metaphysical reality. An insufficient view of the mind and the secrecy surrounding the actual consciousness can be frustrating. While trying to squeeze the mind into the defined structures of a worldly perspective, it becomes difficult to become conscious of the need to delve deeper for a better explanation of existence.

Although we believe in ‘interconnectedness’, we conveniently erase the curiosity to understand the relation of the mind with the unknown. It may be the fear of venturing out alone towards a world that largely exists philosophically.


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