Dawn’s serenity rattled by the discussions over goodness

Perceptions of it being a necessary evil in a world mired in chaos

As truths sprout exceptionally slow according to the hasty times

Despondent lies shade the morning from pure brilliance

Pluralism of truth needle the environment from different directions

The desire to kindle the enthusiasm in the disheartened souls 

Such aimless interpretations demoralise the purpose of existence

Of twisted truths and oft spoken casualness becomes a bane

There are no smiles left to greet the already insipid morning


2 thoughts on “Unwelcoming

  1. My favorite sentence of your writing is: “The desire to kindle the enthusiasm in the disheartened souls.”

    Oh, our world so needs a remedy for all the “disheartenment.” I have made the decision to bring herbalism and spiritual/soul/meditation guidance back into my practice. (You’ll see that on my front page now). Am sure lots of “bodies and minds” are suffering on a deeper level than we think.

    Us folks who are deeply devoted to helping heal Mother Earth and humanity see the need for lots more love, kindness and respect for others and self as well.

    Am honored to know you.

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    1. That’s a wonderful thought, Deb! Indeed, the self-realization and the healing at a spiritual level can bring a positive energy to this existence. What this being (mind, body, and soul) can achieve can only be realised through true devotion to life, with a sense of gratitude and purpose.

      Likewise, I am glad to know you and your mission to reflect the kindness and love to humanity.


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