Vacant Feelings

The pandemonium from the vacant arguments 

Somehow, the day is forced to settle down unquietly

Time is pulled into the argument and wound tightly

Grotesque voices scrape across the walls

Murals of anxiety, aggressiveness, and foul language

Permanent signs of dissonance

Natural lights have been barred from the premises

The togetherness of loneliness and other passive fear

Many overlapping coffee stains tables the discord

Dust become familiar with the house

Outside, the masquerades are explanations enough

A busy world is rather incurious 

Where dreams are tossed for a gamble

A chunk of life taken away for unknown pursuits

Borrowed visions creep into the dreams

The certainty of uncertainties are held in the palm

Impatiently dwelling inside

To prepare for the world to act normal

The fancy rhetoric pushes more such dreams 


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