Turned Away

Turned away from the garden

The beauteous feel and aroma feels delirious

In haste, the heart decided to act

Eyes full of beautiful dreams

Whom to trust them with

May narrate them to the wrong person

How long, before the escape

Desire those wings before the last breath

Decide to hold on to the rush

Daily commute through a dark tunnel

There is that time of dilemma

One has to choose the kind of faith

Somewhere one has to start

The journey with eyes open

They are unable to see further

What happened to the dreamy eternity?

Leisure allowed to explore in reverie

The fancy freedom felt real

Then, when the mistakes were avoidable

Far down one went; all alone

Without the fear of reality

Loaded with the favourable dreams

Felt so light, and mind courageous

Now the garden is a distant dream

All that existed weren’t real

One falls for the deteriorating reality

With not dreams but rusted equipment

To toil along the lengthy tunnel

Dreams filtered through a funnel

Life already diluted with ambiguity

Holding on to the prosaic feelings

They have been loaded

By those masked heroes of pessimism

Everyone seeks commitment

Now that the garden is an illusion

Bent back, unsure steps

Trudges along the arrogant path

Eternity deteriorates magically

Life, away from the aromas

Flawed heroism and destructions


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