Unfolding Drama

Men strut around with ignorance like a fine plumage

Learn some fancy language by repeating and memorising

When cities are full of unreal dreams; lights severely truncated

Dialogues curated by the adorable and stupid minds

Since everyone starts to loiter around the same premises

From there starts a synchronised march of the crowded mess

Tinkering along the way with individuals like a game of chess

Forgotten addresses of dwellings that exists in faint memories

Depravation starts with a minor wink and casual affair

Laughed at, when asked to tread softly across a life

Persistently delirious under the harsh lights- waiting for the director’s cut

Nude images and filthy dialogues waiting for the applause

Again, how to defend ignorance, is learnt along the way

Cliches and pithy scenes where minds explore deviously

Mirrors everywhere to amplify the depressing times cunningly

Faint chatter over the cities are rather loud doubtfulness


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