Anything that starts with a perception of denouement can become an awkward interpretation. The approach to process such a piece can be exhausting to the mind. An artist perceives it to be the best beginning; from the ideological perspective, the altered sequence provides a glimpse of surreality.

For once, it feels that being in a muddled state is necessary to prepare for clarity. What is it that the mind thinks of in such circumstances? It may not be a forceful appropriation but a challenging moment of thinking in a reverse way.

Think of a dream that is upside down; it takes time, even in a dream to adjust to the perspective. There may be no compulsion or consequence while failing to comprehend it, but still, the sense of discrepancy creeps into the subconscious.

Imaginations are not mechanical or follow a determined course. They can be contradictory to the usual existence of reality but still, emerge as a strong contender to overturn the lethargic thought process.

Walking through the surreal moment with an inverted posture not only question the existing dichotomy but raises more critical issues about viewing life. The mind is usually a victim of repeated instructions! If those impressions could be viewed in a special mirror, they would reveal a rather lamenting anecdote.

There is a propensity to be apologetic even before commencing the journey. Altered subliminal instructions caution about the possible failures and consequences. Fear of rejections is legitimate on a connected world! To vividly weave contrasting creativity is not considered a serious approach. Rather, the legitimacy of their existence and the creator’s mindfulness is questioned vehemently.

Interfering with the world’s reality is considered needless heroism. In fact, such intense excitements for the unprepared consciousness is considered to be inappropriate. Even, exposure to such intense life-altering moments can stimulate a depressive state. Sometimes, the extremeness of freedom, in a consciously conservative thinking environment can be disparaging too.


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