Stirring Stillness

The stillness that threatens to stir an unforeseen transformation

Waste not the particles of any thought arising from an unsettling calm

Even if the distractions may have pulled the soul away, further from the self

Guided by some distant alluring light across mysterious valleys

A feeling of someone lurking around to steal the most precious dreams

Eyes do not peep anymore for the surprises that may still be there

Reflecting on the burdens strewn around callously is exhausting

Stars shift, but the moments position themselves according to the rift

As darkness comes floating, they prepare to hide in deep abysses

Nerves are taut while still holding on to the precious hope of life


8 thoughts on “Stirring Stillness

  1. Nerves are SHOT lol, but as you wrote still holding on to a precious life because something is invested and the trick is to work together (mind, body, and soul) and not against each other

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