Cryptic Dreams

Cryptic dreams are forever an enigma Stays like a shadow over the land of dogma The visions are rare, but life isn’t still Eyes wait for another darkness for some thrill Waking up hours is not really a dream New lights, perspectives, and delusional theme That torment of carrying them in secrecy Mind contemplates running in a new frequency Another world cannot be dreamt of … Continue reading Cryptic Dreams

The Destiny of Writing

The destiny of writing is quite indiscernible! Stories may emerge from the author’s intimate imaginations, clandestine communications, and times of unsettling moments of the mind. They can stretch it from being extremely docile to a very provocative nature; the imagery can startle the eyes. It is with the eyes, most of the times, that a piece of writing is explored. It depends on the articulation! … Continue reading The Destiny of Writing