The Destiny of Writing

The destiny of writing is quite indiscernible! Stories may emerge from the author’s intimate imaginations, clandestine communications, and times of unsettling moments of the mind. They can stretch it from being extremely docile to a very provocative nature; the imagery can startle the eyes. It is with the eyes, most of the times, that a piece of writing is explored.

It depends on the articulation! Sometimes, hasty reading and the premeditated views obscure the present enthusiasm. Detesting the personality of the author also plays a major role in quashing the destiny of writing. The sudden vicious attack on reality by the author is considered to be an aggressive desire to denounce every little particle of thought that thrives (a matter of perception).

When the author pulls out a story from solitude, it may fail to create an immediate connection with the readers. Sharing a story, narrating them with everyone, talking about the beliefs of common consciousness and sitting in a huddle seem to create a more favourable perception about it.

If a writer is easily able to surrender a major portion of prominence acquired from existing, the readers may not willingly do so to favour a provoking piece of writing. The obscenity of staring down at life, denuding the facades, pulling off the masks, and scandalously unearthing the underbelly of existential aberrations is rarely excused.

Superficial reconciliation and unnatural happiness settle comfortably in the heart. The idea of not being in the shared darkness can be a bold act. Seeking light and freedom from melancholic dominance aggravates the nervous ones.

The formation of a story can be a huge Reformation for society! The author can be the most modern mind, but only when they have the immense ability to accept the entire ideological and creative turmoil to emerge with a story unscathed by cataclysmic prejudices.

A destiny of writing also depends on the readers’ ability to isolate the writer from the writing and read it with a progressive mindset. Unfortunately, stories are buried prematurely, rather hastily, due to their threat to shatter the trustworthy myths. Such is the paradoxical influence of life, where independent ideas are twisted in a vicious manner. The author’s personal life is pulled into the limelight, only because of their inability to distinguish between the two. The story is forgotten in haste, but the writer’s destiny wades through an ambivalent world.

In haste, the writer is labelled with some name and reasoning becomes scarily transparent. It is difficult to only identify the unique voice of a story without doubting the writer’s intent. Stories are being edulcorated due to the preferences and acceptability of the present times. The progress of creative destiny will be decided by time or when the right time emerges from the churning. The intrinsic principle of a story is indestructible and eventually lives its true destiny.


3 thoughts on “The Destiny of Writing

    1. Reading is an art too. The way navigate through a story, poetry, creative pieces, research writings, journals enhances the soul of the narrative. Unfortunately, All that is happening is hasty scanning. No wonder people are claiming to read huge amount of books. Literature must be held closely and read with patience.

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