A Diabolical Environment

As you stir the submissive surface of a volatile environment, the entire nature around you transforms into something sinister. Mysterious casks parade through the abysses; bloated in the middle with some otherworldly fluid.

Someone may have ordered them to jog across this ground without spilling and soiling an immaculate place. The eerieness of this environment overpowers the senses. Once in here, there is little chance of escaping the predicament of this dark world.

Fear rules here with impunity and controls the ethos of the spirits trapped in this situation. This place has omnipresent eyes; no one can think of not obeying the diktats.
The vindictive air pierce through the pores! The feeble utterance of discomfort is crushed by a diabolical voice. Layers of complexities weave a tiring maze across this existence. Here, words are considered revolting, and silence of surrender seems to propitiate the forces.

There are very few connoisseurs who can judge the nature of the liquid stored in the casks. Whether to drink it when offered, can be a choice of fatal optimism. The parched eyes and heart will feel the urge to drown in it; they won’t mind collaborating with the devil in that state of stupor.

Weaknesses dissolve easily! A wave of illicit satisfaction furiously forces the body to become one with the environment. The bastards win!


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