The Message

It is scary to think that during inertia the facade clears away to reveal a more tantalising time of energetic scampering through an indecisive path. You are presented with an envelope carrying a secret message. Whether you tear it open or open with indifference, does not affect its nature.

You can gaze at this time quizzically or palpitatingly and wait for it to respond in a friendly voice. Although it is futile to show desperation to overpower the answers and mould it according to your reason. Your judgement will fail during a hastened time of arriving at a credible conclusion.

The connections are yet to take shape, the circuits and their arterial routes take time to build a clear pattern. Before you are adept at reading the new design, you will falter multiple times at the threshold of induced knowledge. The earlier connections become feeble, and you arrive at this situation of loneliness, with a cryptic message. We may all abhor judgement and be easily irked by the clarity of someone’s judgement.

If you wish to deny the fact, that either it is a micro-judgement or macro-judgement, it is inevitable to be judged by someone or by time. There are very few who can judge without malice! It is difficult to maintain a balance and present an incisive judgement to sever the roots of a feeble existence. You have to reconcile with judgement and surrender the notion of someone being judgemental.

The Universe judges you for little thoughts and actions; it is impossible to reprimand the essence of life that is omnipresent and follows you. It is still inexplicable that during a time of idleness you will be tormented or pushed towards a delirium. Surprisingly, the hurdles spring up at this inopportune moment, when you decide to open the mysterious envelope. Feeling embittered and defeated is natural as the world around your shrinks.

You are now captive of the cryptic message! Before you progress to the next level, there are will be many hurdles to conquer. It’s time to become realistic shed that arrogance and conjure all the positive energy to defeat gloominess. Realise the true meaning of communication; communicate with the message, as probing question, and push back the paranoia of being judged. The idea is not to remain stuck in this moment!

These are times which will make you look feeble, but you have the heart to seek freedom from this predicament. Come up with credible questions and extract all the answers that will help you tide over the dilemma. Self-doubt will leverage the consciousness to take decisions and allow you to move ahead with renewed purpose.


13 thoughts on “The Message

  1. There is such sweet joy when we break through to the other side…when I recognize that I haven’t opened that mysterious envelope, I become aware that I’m in a holding pattern, realizing it’s time to be on the lookout for signs and synchronicity!

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    1. Absolutely, Kim. This seeking is a leap of faith into the unknown. I feel, it can only take the soul towards the light of true knowledge and understanding. The subtle signs around us and also within, the events, all direct us to that synchronicity.

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