Lifeless Beginnings

Some thoughts are dead beginnings! They cannot be revived but stretched laboriously through the untrodden path. You think, you think, but it really entangles you with lifeless thoughts; consider, it is ‘life-less’, but still has enough life to trouble the mind.

It will be humiliating to believe that such contradictions do not have the ability to warp your thought process. It is often the case, where these warped perceptions carry you through phases of a delirious journey. It is honourable to suffer some humiliation within and disentangle the contradictory thoughts.

Time to be home for a few hours more and ponder on the next episode of this journey. This advice may sound archaic in this busy existence, but it is essential to be idle and not idolatry about the inimical opinions. The repercussions of staring lasciviously at the artificial dancing lights for too long can be outrageously hilarious.

Inside, the insight suffers; the tendencies of the world are absorbed voraciously, and a kind of ultra-modern philosophy takes shape. It is as if someone has stretched too much into the future without being rooted first. You create circumstances; believe it or not, your share in that plan is significant, because you believe in sundry lectures.

The world’s algorithms keep you in a leash! Believe it or not, the likes and dislikes, popular and unpopular, the opinionated and pliant, all the circumstances weigh on your mind like a heavy metal orb. Thought processes are streamlined and monitored, tutored and curated; it is foolishness to believe otherwise.

Some beginnings begin to wither and look emaciated. Can you really cross the threshold while carrying that spiritless burden? You cannot really choose the noose and still dream to breathe with freedom. Fables are quite able to obscure the true stories of passion, life, and freedom.


3 thoughts on “Lifeless Beginnings

  1. Beautiful insight, it is often required to get away from the chaos around you and go in seclusion to understand the self , the inner core and the process the conundrum of your thoughts.

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