Of Fury

It is not about feeding on anger and trying to digest it entirely, but also the adverse effects it has on the innards. There is a conviction that you will stomach it without being affected by its composition; the sense of anger being palatable and regularly feeding on it can cause a dietary aberration.

The sudden churning in the abdomen may be neglected, but on diagnosis can reveal a major ailment. It is a fatal thought to dream of eliminating anger by chewing on it daily and even thinking of drawing from its negative energy to fuel the purpose of life. The ghastly metamorphosis takes time but eventually shapes life in a horrific manner.

A human being is too insignificant to swallow that kind of negativity to overpower it. It matters a lot when your anger transforms the healthy environment, people, and their ideas into a collage cloaked in negativity. Eventually, the faces become blurry, the voices become distant, and relationships become extremely bitter.

Anger’s sentiment flows like the Pyriphlegethon! It is impossible swimming and conquering this raging challenge that burns through the essence of life. For a moment, if we consider surviving this, we can be assured of the demonic energy that will inspire the future of existence.

How long can your eyes endure the scene, where a river of fire burns the verdant valleys and transforms it into a ball of crimson fury? Challenging anger is inauspicious and self-destructive! Those strong underworld hands are waiting to pull you in to conquer your resilience and directing your transformation.

The persistent burning won’t let you sleep, admire the dreams, love the world, and most importantly turn your mind against your existence. It’s the struggle of a puny conquerer being conquered by a goliath of a force. Dreams turn into a scarlet cloud! Struggles of extricating from the situation become a nightmare. The desire to overcome by conquering anger and even feeding on it can be fatal.

Eyes reflect the burning discomfort, and those around you feel unsafe! The metamorphosis becomes a ghastly tale of setting ablaze not only the dwelling but the relationships you have with life. Choices can be idiotic, but this is lunacy!


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