The Chase

The events that you follow with your eyes may lead you towards an ephemeral experience, but when you do so with your consciousness, it becomes a continuous exhilarating journey of learning. There may be an urge to give up the chase easily due to the fear of being lost in layers of unknown reality. As you proceed, you will be wrapped in them; your intense reactions and resilience tested by their pressures.

The type of light beams you follow depends on the hours your conscious mind loves. Their radiance can either be too glaring or extremely gentle; as your eyes harmonise with the nature of reality, the moments begin to reveal in a blooming pattern.

Sometimes being a stranger can be beneficial! You can think of scattering your consciousness to view the various facets of existence from many angles. Its kind of deep philosophical multiple identities that you carry within manifested by myriad characters. They will be capable of concentrating for longer periods, as there is no compulsion or envious pull to bind you in a single character.

You should not regret the accumulation of ephemeral experience that leads to disappointments; it could give you an impression that you will never be able to hold life and experience the calming profoundness. Why become a stranger because of the strange circumstances? Do not hesitate to pause for a while before launching yourself towards the cosmic chaos.

It is not foolishness to deny the chair and warm bed offered to you! You can dream while being awake and superconscious; you may call it a delusional thought, but possibly the best you can do to experience the reality you follow. Nurse your failures on time and prepare the heart for a continuous adventure.

Being alone, talking to yourself in the middle of nowhere, trying to figure out the purpose of this insanity can be challenging. But talk nonetheless, ask the right questions to receive the answers you really seek. Without getting into the habit of comparing yourself with everyone else, there is a greater chance of learning about life while consciously experiencing the journey.


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