What do you See?

Do you pull your eyelids over your eyes deliberately? If you are afraid of exposing your eyes to the truth for long, your mind may be influenced to narrate it. Is it pathological psychological conditioning of the consciousness that makes negativity and acrimonious sentiments alluring? It may be quite awkward walking through life with a mind always leaning towards a chronic perspective.

Let’s not manipulate facts here and be meticulously civil because there are moments of outrageous demands from a distorted world. The entire process of behaviour and its patterns are bridled. You have to be a listless journeyer, even an impulsive rebel to prove that you carry enough energy to satiate the rigorous demands.

As you drag the lifeless feelings and even flog them, it exposes the futility and brainless desire to keep them tied to a senseless purpose. Disappointments can make you stronger, but some delicate dissatisfactions can trigger the rebellious heart to take drastic steps. Humans have the liberty to do anything, with the kind of consciousness they possess, yet, they feel the strong urge to choose a few things to do in life which curtails the journey.

The senses are partial towards certain realities because they have not evolved with the demands of a rigorous journey. A sinister lullaby has put them in a drowsy state! Hearing does not mean listening, reading does not mean interpreting, and writing does not mean storytelling; a partial effort at everything etches a crescent on the consciousness. The mind dances to the lunatic tunes and then there seems to be an endless frenzy.

Standing in front of the mirror and hearing yourself speak those nonsensical dialogues, that too with the alter-ego may not have an audience, but the performance is absorbed by the universe for sure. Do you feel elated by the performance? Oh! Let’s not forget the stretched eyelids obstructing your view; disallowing you to probe the character that is at present hollering the dialogues in an artificially fashionable way. Yes, that what sardonic drama is all about.


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