Writing is not just about writing! It has more to do with prior thinking, clearing away the forced inputs of curated thoughts, and believing in the independence of the mind. Commonly, thinking pulls you from different directions, while experiencing the struggle of listening to them with your senses. You are forced to adhere to the essence of all that you touch with your senses.

When you get distracted by the existential struggle of thoughts and worry about the sanity of being involved with the proposed philosophies, the mind decides to rebel. It becomes difficult to escape this situation, and you fall behind; stagnating in the impasse created by the concocted theories. Senses weaned away from the inherent principles leads to stagnation. 

While all this is true, it becomes difficult to extricate the senses from the conventional type of thinking. It may be scary too, to deal with experiences which are extremely difficult to explain through your writing. Writing cannot merely surrender to the enforced ripples of life and lose its relevance in the confluence of chaos.

Interact with the world to erase your doubts, listen to the stories to become aware of the stories that are hiding within, join the chaos to adopt a sense of tranquillity. All this requires resilience, the ability to conquer the steep challenges and strong individual beliefs. You cannot be stuck in the objects of life and prepare the mind to start thinking in a new direction.

While retiring in solitude, you are closing your senses to the various inputs which are hovering around your life. The art of identifying the true characters of life is so often not spoken in a language but communicated with silence. Listen to it more keenly to interpret it in a pure way! Reasons come from such intense independent thinking and clarify the conundrum.

Don’t sit still with the ideals of borrowed interpretations and try to believe more on your observations. It is not a compromise to move away from them to find the meaning beyond the objects. Come forward with your stories and develop a confident language to give them a voice. It is not about coming closer to a conclusion but finding a way to clear away the inhibitions and hurdles.

While we are still unaware of the events that lead to this journey, it is a difficult task to relinquish everything to move back in time to pick up the clues. They may be everywhere but hidden from the senses. Writing is not time-consuming but adds an eternal value to this worldly concept of time. You find your true self in the exclusive reflections of life!

The idea of writing and presenting your story is the fact that you are not numbed by the outrageous claims of life, but willing to retrieve the original ideas that are coherent. Your senses harmonise with them! Stories exist everywhere; look for them at the most unlikely spaces, and you will be rewarded. It is time to move away from synthetic feelings and experience the reality not muddled with present biases.


10 thoughts on “Essaying

  1. As a writer you need to be among people and real life, in order to capture the true essence of reality in your writings. You need to be isolated only to restructure and channelize your thoughts that have been accumulated by being in the society. Your article is very elaborate and helpful 🙂

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    1. Yes, reality we see, the reality of the subconscious, and keen observation of all that is happening or about to happen, is a part of reality. There is much more happening that an observant writer cann see or imagine which the common consciousness cannot. One has to be percptive to describe the human feelings and that of the universe.

      Thank you, NJ, glad, you liked this article.


      1. So true 😊 we need to perceive whatever is happening around and within us and explore it through our imagination and bring in to life with our words 😊

        I am glad I read it😊

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      2. 🙂 That’s why we all like to reread the classics, because the legendary writers were not only brilliant storytellers but were perceptive too. Some of them even more progressive and ahead of their times.


  2. I love this post, it gave me a lot to think about. My opinion is that writing is extremely reactive to our environments, sort of like an ebb and flow. There are times I need to bleed the worries onto paper, and other times I am unable to focus my thoughts creativity during a time of stress. It’s a very intimate and unique balance.

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    1. Thank you, Bojana. Or, the writer consumes time and makes it worthwhile, as the constraints of time are not felt anymore. For a writer, I feel it is complete surrender and make time irrelevant, but at the same time create writing unaffected by time.

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