The Possibilities of Love

It’s not easy to keep love alive in a monotonous heart

When you take a handful of emotions and leave the rest aside

Colour them with your language; it feels as you own it

Speaks to you, listens too- if that makes you happy

What about the rest of the emotions?

You fail miserably; with all this beauty and insincere desire

The kind of love that falls for the form of love- the fancy images

While love is dead, you try to malign its existence

It’s easy when there is no one to defend the story

Scorned days will still bring  the dawn with the same kind of love

That Sun is not dead yet, and the Universe still listens

After the storm, when the moods are sombre everywhere

Become aware of the love that resides within

Love is mysterious, but certainly hates monotony and deceit


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