Labyrinthine Journey

Writing seems to be ebullient even while narrating the continuum of depreciating existence. The type of energy writing survives on seems to be of an unearthly nature. As a writer, I feel, there is a narrow labyrinthine scope allowed for a piece of creative narrative to witness the other end of the deliberate maze.

All that the maze is composed of are — criticisms, rejections, premature conjectures, cultural conformities, lack of perspectives, creative apathy, confinement by language, and mere parochialism. It is a miracle that writing survives the strain of all these aspects to narrate the story it carries. It is amazing, how a piece of writing protects the story like a mother; embracing with the utmost care, against perpetual scepticism of the world.

The constitution of creativity must be essentially robust to survive the acrimony. A world so conveniently comes together to vehemently push away the stories of human consciousness, love, triumph, and honest criticisms. While common consciousness holds a very cliched idea about creative honesty, it can sway any moment, according to the frivolous whims of social appropriation.

A writer must be resilient, self-motivated, and creatively convincing to journey through the bunch of oppositions. A creative piece can be disparaged easily (citing even the most callous reasons) by those who conveniently pluck out few words and form a morsel with shameful conclusions. The hunger of dimwits can be satiated by those violent outbursts which lack intellectual value.

It is shocking to see intellectualism is considered an elitist privilege and common sense a useless ideology. All through the ages, intellectualism has survived despite the volumes of words spent on protests and sincere effort to erode their existence. An exceptional philosophy is reflected through shards of strewn perspectives will barely reflect the truth. There is a desire to shove intellectualism through a barrel to the deepest layers of this planet, or even better if they could be entirely erased.

Meaningful communications are rare! There is a sense of fear to clarify doubts because the art of asking meaningful questions is somewhat in jeopardy. The propensity to criticise or ignore a narrative due to its nature of creative clarity is quite common. More is being discussed about writing, but less is being spoken about the craft, the ideologies it should carry, and the writer’s lifelong struggle. Imprudent accusations against a storytelling effort are common; the stories still seem to have reached the eager listeners, and who genuinely read them to narrate them to the future generations.

Writing is not a rare craft anymore, but there still lingers that sense of scepticism about the scope it will provide. With an uncomfortable relationship with the language, it becomes difficult to innovate and express in a sincerely creative way. After all, the pen is eager, ink is willing to flow. Seek inspiration!


11 thoughts on “Labyrinthine Journey

  1. Excellently expressed, Amitav. Absolutely true that meaningful communications are rare. In an attention deficit era, only a few will try to connect with the body of the matter or resonate with the gist of the writing. Enjoyed the truth. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Deepa. ☺
      Somewhere, the writer or any storyteller, I feel, is narrating in a vacuum. Communications are fragile and lacks intent, and yet, there is a scream within saying ” I need to be heard”; the dichotomy of losing the skill to listen and being ignored. Wonder, if that is what triggers the existential crisis of creativity, Art, nature and the will to imagine beyond the parched reality.

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      1. What I find inviting among the blogger community is that at least you get to see a like- minded crowd with an eclectic mix of ideas. I am sure you have a solid base in the subjects you write and poetry as well. It was an enlightening read. 🙂

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      2. Oh yes, blogging has evolved so much. There are varied subjects written about and it is indeed a learning. What I can say is that blogging requires one to read a lot to add value to a post. Indeed, like-minded people will find a way to meet here in this blogging platform and take the thoughts ahead.
        Thank you once again, Deepa. 🙂

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  2. 😂👏 The art of writing lies indeed with the writer and his or her reality. The power to express lies in the craft of the words. From slang to conservative. There’s an enormous buffet to choose from. I love range of thought as it speaks of the depth of the writer’s ability.

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    1. Emma, wonderfully put. Yes, life has many shades and so does the stories. It’s not an easy craft but the writer takes this path or the journey chooses them to narrate the stories. The depth and ability comes from the perception and ability to seek beyond this only reality.

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  3. So many things in here, you’ve done a wonderful job in inciting further thought. One of the core reasons I chose to read anying.
    I remember as a younger woman it became clear that unless I tossed intellectualism aside, being that I already issues with people connections, I would never fit in enough to be noticed or heard beyond what others notions were (preconceived of developing) It was a sad conclusion that I went with but have eventually tried to balance.
    People without a relationship with words also confuse intellectualism with wisdom as well. The fast both together when you can’t really.
    Anyhow, one thing about writers, they need to be resilient yet they typically have sensitive persons so the effects of nonsense criticisms can be sorely troublesome and deadly to the art.
    Thanks for your thoughts dear amitav

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Yes, the craft of writing is unique to each author. It depends on which side of the dimension the focus is on. Introspection or just reflections! As we go deeper, the stories that tumble out may not be comprehended at a glance.
      As a writer’s imagination develops, becomes more perceptive, the nature of words (vocabulary) becomes rich and intense. Although, writing feels a rush of random ideas, it is indeed a resilient writer’s story waiting to be criticised or appreciated.

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