It’s the Darkness

Some darknesses are friendly, some are not, others curious, or maybe not; often they are responsible for not recognising the time and the faces around. Darkness can be mysterious, nebulous, and intriguing too. Sometimes, one adopts the mood, not out of choice, but compulsion; the coercion of such darknesses is inevitable.

Darkness is magical; it finds its way with clarity, to be at the right place at the right time. You know, the natural one that pushes away the day every day. It feels as if the constraints of the day affect the mind too. Some days do feel longer than they actually are- the struggles to hold on to the fading light is real, even if the day has not been too kind.

During this time there is a rush to solve the pending problems before some more accumulates along the journey. Unburdening them is not easy, and the shoulders too do not complain anymore. Laden with life’s demands, nature’s way of engaging you with human emotions and many surprising shades.

Those who wait for the darkness for various reasons aren’t disappointed after all. The point is, which face of darkness they perceive appears before them. The reflection of the mind manifests in the nature of darkness. Often diluted with stubborn concoctions; those who drink from that night is quite aware of the adverse effects. It’s a crippling feeling that arrests the mind!

The following day is greeted inappropriately; without inhibitions and daringly foolish to acquaint the day with an ominous mood. It screams, “turmoil”, your heart feels the pounding of the off-beat reality. Darkness has become audacious, spread its territories, and is here to stay. Although uninvited, the darkness cannot be denied its malevolent euphoria!


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