Perceptions and More

The perceived minuscule thoughts crawl across the vast existence through continuously transforming reality. They are composed of eternal ideas, as well as, those absorbed along the interstellar travels. This planet cloaked with another consciousness, full of pure energy, is considered a mysterious metaphysical reality; maybe, they do not have much scope of being discussed as it can lead to a fracas over a philosophy that is yet to blossom abundantly in the minds.

Human reasons may not be enough to arrive at a common environment because of the fear of entering a narrow realm (considered so, due to the inability to defeat the pure reason) of eternity. The fear of speculating the traditional approaches of human reasons, bound by some kind of authority, is considered to be a wayward decision. There exist many ways, yet, the paradox of the only way of comprehending this consciousness. Once surrendered to this journey, there will be many ways to explore, but surprisingly, few avenues to exit.

Considering the existence cannot be ascertained with the worldly and accepted reasons, the traditional and those evolving from the communications of collective consciousness. The interconnected pattern of such speculations arrives at many conclusions at a given moment; some silently dwell in the mind while others are uttered in the course of necessary communications. The unconvincingly convincing tone seem to be wrapped in usual authoritative premise keeps a continuous check on the flow.

A mind being subjected to the matters of general perceptions usually do not consider exploring the untrodden path.  At the core of nature exists a certain sense of uncontrollable energy to change which we seem to deny due to its immense power. We abide by our own laws and try to bring some order for the convenience of our existence. Our folly is to throw scepticism at the wisdom of the universe due to the much-required assurance from an authority constituted by those who believe in their ability to stabilise the continuous change.

So much of reality is problematic because there is a struggle to pull out of that consciousness. Either there are attempts to provide definitive answers to such problems, or ineffective speculations to satiate the curious minds. We may not realise the effect of a tremendous conflict between the answers we arrive at as an individual and the institutionalised reasons. We hesitate to speak in the language of individual consciousness.

At the other end of the spectrum, there exists a fear of losing the authority and thus, the propensity to instil some form of decorum to adhere to. This immense tension may not be visible but widens the chasm between one’s intrinsic beliefs and the extraneous compulsions.


5 thoughts on “Perceptions and More

      1. Thank you so much Amitav chowdhury. I’m fine and hope you are also doing good in the first month of 2019.You already know I love your blogs. Superb words and amazing feelings. Wahhh

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